The ancient continent

The ancient continent

The ancient continent

      The ancient continent is a vast historic land with a civilized and historic people who lived together happily for centuries and who have been the pioneers of science and humanities. Parts of this land include the Greater Saudi Arabia, Kurdistan, Turkistan each of which has kind people and a glorious history. Today, the ancient land includes Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kirghizstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Cypress, Northern Caucasus, Ostia, Abkhazia, Astrakhan, Chechnya, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Sinai, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, The Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, Sin Kiang which means a population of 700 million and an area of 14m squared km. This continent has moderate and polite people who are familiar with the art of living, who are keen on science and knowledge with a sense and a feel for family and humanity. The ancient continent can be a name given to describe their life essence. Remembering the ancient continent name can portray solidarity and their oneness which in today’s continuation of the Imperialist attack meaning the new Imperialism can be a reason for organizing common military and cultural defense which can also remind us of the long stolen true history and culture by the historic lies.

      Historic enemies of this ancient continent deny the past history and culture of this land and falsely claim that democracy, architecture, chemistry, mathematics, geometry,  astrology, communications, literature etc were born in Europe. The enemies of the ancient land have not confined themselves to such sciences but also have claimed to be the pioneers of human arts such as sculpture, theatre, musical composition and tens of others and with big lies such Hellenism have spread these in the world as their own, and the gullible fall for such lies. Thousands of scientists, philosophers and poets who throughout centuries have served humanity cannot be known as citizens of a particular country according to today’s country borders, an example of such great figures are Molavi, Birooni, Poorsina, Eghbal Lahoori, Khaje Abdollah Ansari, Bidel, Kharazmi, Marvarzi, Makhdoom Gholi, Naser Khosro, Rudaki, Nezami Ganjavi and tens of others which by itself is a sign of unity of the peoples of the ancient land. For a whole century the sportspersons of the ancient land are stuck in the Asian Games. It is not only the sports of the ancient land that suffers this fate;  Other organizations of the ancient land have been drowned by the Imperialists plans in the continent and have no voice. Local sports and games which are a sign of the closeness of these peoples of the ancient land have not made their way into the Olympic games due to the Imperialist influence. Where have words and expressions such as the Middle East, The Asia Minor, and The Far East come from?   Why such vocabulary did not exist prior to Colonialism. In no geography book prior to the Bourgeoisie and Imperial period   such words are seen. In fact there are political reasons for their creation which I shall begin to analyze and I would ask the interested parties to do likewise. Imperialists in order to achieve their objectives and distance the peoples from each other created new geographic vocabularies and in continuation invented historic lies and started to draw borders. In 90% of this border making the British Empire played the main role. By creating political borders and creating countries they separated large parts of land whose peoples lived by a common culture and civilization throughout history and who shared the same customs and colorful traditions. With ferocious Imperialist wickedness they subdivided each tribe and people into several divisions and placed them in a particular country in order to turn them against each other with fabricated historic lies. For example they placed the Tajikistanis in Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Iran, the Kurds in Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria and the Arabs in small countries with different tribes, the Baluchis in Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan and so they placed all the peoples of the ancient continent into different man made countries. The superiority of the Bourgeois civilization to that of the tribal organization at the beginning of the colonial era and the military superiority of the Imperialist system to the newly formed feudal regimes of the ancient continent were the key to the success of this division and the creation of the new countries.

Today, new Imperialism with the subvert support of Asian countries such as China and Japan have decided to break up the existing countries of the ancient continent into smaller ones in order to maximize their profit.                        

      The peoples of the ancient continent who have lived in this geographical part have been united socially and economically which is evident by their common festivities such as Nowrooz. Therefore the countries of this ancient continent should form social, political, economic and military unions in order to confront the European and the American invasions. They should be highly efficient in self management and should use scientific federalism. Lack of knowledge and efficient management in federal organizations results in Imperialists influence and infiltration in smaller societies. It is necessary for the intellectuals and the various publications to write about the ancient continent in various languages. A lack of clear and true knowledge about the ancient continent will be very costly for its peoples in the future.

      The westerners have had a plan drawn up for the past 200 hundred years and are executing that plan step by step although sometimes events such as the two world wars delayed their implementation for a few years nevertheless it has not stopped them completely. These are plans for forming and running the world affairs, what is obvious is that in those plans there is no high place for the peoples of the ancient continent. It is up to the peoples of this land to try and by precise analysis of the situation catch the Imperialists out and peacefully impose a bright future for the planet.

      One of the plans is the economic unions of East and South East Asia which we observe in various socio-economic forms. Japan wanted to have sole control of these unions prior to the Second World War but was oppressed. Over the past two hundred years the peoples of the ancient continent have been ignorant of events and they still are, in fact the same planners have fooled these people with their historic lies and have been stealing their natural resources and so far what has left is a barren land without any production or knowhow.

      From a different perspective, the analysis of the creation of an ancient continent is a scientific task, considering that science is neither good nor bad it simply is a weight, so it can be analyzed and discussed by the intellectuals without any prejudice or emotions involved. One should bear in mind that the world today is a different place to what it was 30 or 40 years ago when people could be fooled by superstitions and magic and taken for a ride, hence kept away from scientific reasoning. Today’s world is one of communication and the scientific knowledge of the world is added to by the moment and the new generation by making good use of this technology will go its way but it would be better also to have a plan. Anoush Raavid looks forward to hearing from the people from the “new wave”.

     As we see at the beginning of the 21st century the future of the peoples of the ancient continent has taken on a special importance, military invasions, the socio political pressures from the east and the west of this continent have placed it in a bad state because the enemies of this continent consider its population as worthless consumers, troublemakers and terrorists.  The realistic and insightful guys know that a failure to address these issues will be horrific for the future of the continent so for a bright future one must not raise the head and look to the sky which is what the enemy wants but one must have plans with clear strategy and tactics aspired by up to date science and technology. Otherwise, there will be more lies in the history of the nations and there will be even more nations who are enemies and the wars and bloodshed and the looting of the strangers will increase tremendously.

The ancient continent was made up of peoples who lived happily together; they shared common customs and traditions such as the New Year celebrations Nowrooz. I would say to the young generation of this continent that enough is enough, one must leave aside simplicity, and you should try and read the hand of the enemy of these nations and create an antidote. Note that the enemy makes use of the best technology and means available today, they were successful in the past coming over with sailing ships and it used to take them several months to get here let alone today. However we can be victorious with precise nationalistic tactics. One must move with time, each social theoretician must consider the facts that a society that is not progressive is doomed to failure and abuse. The historic lies and realities must be taken into account. Today with the invent of the internet the historic eras have become shorter and shorter, fifty thousand years ago it used to take ten thousand years for a knot to be learnt to be tied or an animal domesticated but now the most complicated matters only take man a few moments to solve. The intellectuals and the thinkers of the ancient continent should know well the historic process in the 21st century and this is only possible away from the historic lies of the enemies. Following Anoosh Raavid´s blogs can be a help in knowing the process. Do you have anything to say about the ancient continent?

   The Ancient Continent and the Emergence of Civilization

      Civilizations and first governments in the world appeared in the ancient continent, in the Egyptian Nile, Mesopotamia, Transoxiana, the Indus Valley (Sind) and two or three other places in China and India. Soon after Nile became under the influence of Mesopotamia and Iran became the centre of the three governments and civilizations, namely Mesopotamia, Transoxiana and Sind. The civilizations of Western India and China lagged behind and took longer to have official governments. Therefore Iran became the cradle of world civilization and counted with the first and the most powerful governments.   This important issue was a geographical gift to the Iranians and hence we have dangerous enemies. Today these enemies are contaminating t Elam, the Medes and the Archimedeans.  It is therefore our responsibility to wipe clean the history of the first human civilization from lies of the enemies which calls for a unity of all the nations and countries of the greater Iran. If we fail and the lies continue, there will be much trouble in the future. In the world where the enemies want us obliterated, one should not take lies as history, there is a force and determination within us left by our glorious history that we must take seriously. We should detach our future and destiny from the enemies´ lies. If a colonial historian has “helped” us discover a part of our history it has been for their own benefit and not ours.   These historians have taken advantage of the simplicity and the good heartedness of the Iranians in the last few centuries and have written the pages to their advantage and benefit. Our ancestors knew well that greatness and glory were never handed over to anyone freely; one should know the enemy and fight him.  This task would not be possible without self sacrifice, solidarity and respect for one another, let us be united and disciplined in the removal of lies in our history.  With special Iranian politeness everyone can contribute to the removal of lies from the history of the greater Iran. This can be a virtual and scientific history-geographical   movement where every Iranian can participate and contribute according to his or her ways and knowledge and enter the battle field of history with new science.

      In the past our enemies have written and told lies about our history, they have fabricated our history. A few centuries later the colonial powers amplified these lies and by tricks such as implementing them into the school curriculum they have managed to impose them on our children as history. In other places, the gullible have used the lies to patronize the Iranians. Let us begin by uncovering the lies with Iranian self esteem and courage and discover our true history in a great national movement. In the last two hundred years the pawns of Colonialists, the Imperialists and the Zionists have been very active in fabricating the histories of the nations and the frontiers so we should be careful in recognizing them.  By carefully reading this blog you can discover their tactics, express your views, ask questions and join us.

    The ancient continent, the secret of history and a new foundation in history

    The countries an the lands of the ancient continent from the first eastern step,-

  1 –  The province of Sian Kiang Chin, this made up name was to erase the identity of this ancient land. In history the northern part with its centre in Uremchi was called Turkestan and the southern part with its centre in Yarkand used to be called Kashghar. This historic land has an area of 1.80000 sq km and a population of 80.000 million who historically were the Turks, the Ighur and the Tajiks with a 10% Chinese immigrant population in the last 50 years. From the second half of the 20th century this ancient land has been given over to eastern Asia.

  2 –  The Republic of Kazakhstan with an area of 2717300 sq km and a population of 22m, its largest city and ex capital called Alma-Ata with a population of 2m. The population made up of Turks and Kazaks and Muslims from a no longer existing ancient country of Bulgar plus other Muslims from the ancient land who form 80% of the population. Currency, – Toman. 

  3 –  The republic of Kirghizia, area 198500 sq km, population 5m Kirghiz, Uzbek, Turks and Muslims, 10% are Russians, currency Ruble.

  4 –  Kashmir, area 240000 sq km, population 20m Muslims

  5 –  Islamic Republic of Pakistan the most inhabited country of the ancient continent, area 804 sq km, population 180m Muslims, the whole population has ancestry in the ancient continent.

  6–  The Republic of Tajikistan area 143000 sq km, population 7m, 90% have ancestral roots in the country and are Muslims, 70% are Tajiks, 20% are Uzbeks and Tatar, 10% Russian who were migrated there out of animosity between 1925 and 1975. Currency is Samani which comes from a historic dynasty called Samanids.

  7 –  Republic of Afghanistan, area 647500 sq km, according to unofficial figures has a population between 30 and 40 m, 100% of the population have roots in their land and are Muslims. Currency; Afghani

  8 –  Republic of Uzbekistan, area 437000 sq km, population 25m, 95% of whom have ancestral roots in their land, 5% Russian.

  9 –  Turkmenistan, area 488000 sq km, population 5m, 95% Muslims with their roots in the ancient continent, 5% Russians who were migrated there for conquest between 1925 and 1975.

  10 –  Iran 1648000 sq km, population 75m of which around 5m live outside the country and play important roles in their country of residence. 100% of the Iranians have roots in the ancient continent.

  11 –  The Sultanate of Oman, area 212000 sq km, population 3m.

  12 –  Republic of Yemen, area 528000sq km, population 18m all of whom are Arab Muslims with roots in the ancient continent.

  13 – The Sultanate of Saudi Arabia, area 2240000 sq km with a population of 25m, 100% Muslims with roots in the ancient continent.

  14 –  The United Arab Emirates, 84000 sq km, and a population of 3m

  15 – The Sultanate of Qatar area 11400 sq km, population 1m

  16 –  Bahrain 691 sq km, half a million population.

  17 –  Republic of Azerbaijan, area 86600 sq km, population 8m 95% are Muslims and have roots in the ancient continent.

  18–  The land of Northern Caucasus, area 400000 sq km population 40m, 90% have roots in the ancient continent

  19 –  Republic of Chechnya

  20 –  Republic of Ostia

  21 –  Republic of Georgia, without Abkhazia and Ostia, area 50sq km and population of 5m.

  22 –  Republic of Abkhazia

  23 –  Republic of Iraq, area 438000sq km, population 25 to 30m, all with roots in the ancient continent

  24 –  Republic of Turkey, area 780000sq km, population 65m, 100% with roots in the ancient continent

  25 –  Republic of Syria, area 185000 sq km, population of 18m with deep roots in history.

  26 –  The constitutional sultanate of Jordan, area 88570 sq km, population 5m

  27–   Republic of Lebanon, area 10400 sq km, population 4m

  28 –  The Arab Palestinian land

  29 –  The state of Israel, area 27000 sq km, population 7m

  30 –  Siena Peninsula   

  31 –  Republic of Cypress area 9251 sq km, population 1m

  32 –  Kareemeh Peninsula

  33 –  Kuwait

    Important Historic Points

      In order to reach the objectives of a new Iran in an ancient continent we need to have complex economic and socio political plans whose prerequisite is having roots in history and which need to be drawn up after research in a democratic environment with keeping the principles of scientific federalism.

      Therefore, first one needs to know about history and social evolution for which the blog “Campaign for the removal of lies from Iran’s history” can be a good reference. One should also bear in mind the geographic capabilities, the glorious history and the intelligence of the people of this ancient continent. We should advance our thoughts and have a broader view than we had in the past and defeat the Imperialists plans with new thoughts. As it appears under the present circumstances we can have no hope in useful futuristic plans from governmental and semi governmental academic institutions, in fact the historic enemies of this ancient continent do not want the great and colourful people of this continent who share the same culture be united.

      Let me mention another point. From the 15th and 16th century Europe began a move towards Capitalism or in other words Initial Bourgeoisie and the European ministers and merchants were becoming active in the ancient continent. The people of the ancient continent were extremely attached to their past history and were not prepared to leave behind their tribalism and create a new civilization. This tribalism was indeed very useful in its days and the Arsacids by removing the sacral kingship had started it all. This thought of seeking stagnation in a civilization or attachment to the past and present social era propelled Europe into the future which saw its rival and obstacle in a backward phase.  Therefore in a single leap colonialism was born which was itself a danger to the old continent.

In the 21st century one must see events with the knowledge of the 21st century and not that of the previous centuries in the hope that it may compensate for the lost historic steps and hence perhaps prevent a total destruction of the ancient continent by being pressed between Europe and the Far East. Failure to address this important issue will have dire consequences in this century.

  Translated from Farsi by Farzin Malaki; 

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