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بایگانی ماهانه ارگ ایران همراه تعداد نوشته ها

هفت نوشته تازه ارگ ایران

Research in the history of new continents
The history presence of Muslims and Iranian in the America before Columbus
Scholar and Author
Dr.Hamid Shafizadeh
Research in the history of new continents
The history presence of Muslims and Iranian in the America before Columbus
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Research in the history of new continents
Introduction -12
The story of discovery of America narrated by westerners-23
Christopher Columbus in Arabic garment-25
Manipulation of the history-29
The real story of Christopher Columbus-29
A priest discovered Columbus’s secret-31
Did westerners able to discover America scientifically and technologically-33
Henry the Navigator-33
Europeans were not able to sail until 1485 and they only moved alongside the sea shore-38
Pictures of ships Muslim and Iranians from the 13th century-40
In Iran the same way as the old wooden ships are still being produced-61
Needed tools for Mapping and Sailing in sea-65
A flying Pig in the sky-70
Where have these precise maps come from?-71
Precise Pendulum clock made by Muslims in 12th century A.D in Henduras-72
Map of world of Martin Waldseemülle-73
Dragon Invert or ‘’Sod America-76
Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwārizmī’s map from America-77
Abū al-ʿAbbās Aḥmad ibn Muḥammad ibn Kathīr al-Farghānī prepared the scene for Columbus’s move toward America-79
Did Nasīr al-Dīn Tūsī know America?-79
Abolsana Esfahani and discovery of America-80
Abū al-Rayhān Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Bīrūnī and America-80
What is the source of Sud-America?-81
Muslims were masters of westerners in sailing and making ships-83
Foolishness and trick of westerners in maps of 16th and 17th century AD-85
When Australia becomes South Pole-87
Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwārizmī’s map from Australia (c. 780 – c. 850)-90
Muslim’s seal (stamp) on Spanish map-92
Western map by an Arab map drawer-92
America map belonged to Hamdolah Mostufi-94
Haj Seyed Mahmud Shams’s America ma-95
Zakariya Ghazvini’s America map (13th century Atl-97
Haj Pir Resiee’s map in 1513 AH
Haj Ahmad’s map-98
America’s map by Hamdollah Farsi Mostowfi (1329AD)-102
Hudson Bay or Caspian (khazar sea)-104
America was discovered by Mostafa Zamuri, Muslim man-105
The map which Christopher Columbus had with himself-107
A Muslim's map from 16th century AD which is similar to satellite images-109
Nimrouz: The Middle of Ancient World-110
Globe Celeste, Isfahan Iran 1144 AD-113
Meridian mounted on a crown of kings in ancient Iran.-115
Central meridian was passed from Iran (Esfahan) until 1851 AD-118
Didn’t Indians have any civilization?-122
Why did Indians beautiful cities destroyed?-125
Westerners were saved by Indian in the first years after their arrival to America: (Thanksgiving Day)-127
Maya and Aztec tribes and especially Incas at the arrival of westerners to America were equal to them in scientific fields up to early 20th century-129
Indians or Bani Hamra (بنی حمرا) or Phoenician-130
Mohamad (Islam’s prophet) and Imam Ali (P.b.u.H) and Iranian Indians-131
Letter of Muawiyah bin Abi-Sufyan to the second khalife about Iranian’s skills in saling and ship construction.-132
Phoenician’s map from America and world-135
Imam Khomeini’s view about Iran and Lebenon-139
Phoenician Alphabet which is created by this tribe and other alphabets such as latine is derived from it-140
Numbers invented by an Iranian scientist (Al Khawarizmi)-141
Why red sea is named as so?-143
Why did people of Arab call Iranians red skin people?-144
Pars (Persia) sea or Red-Colored Sea or Eritrean sea-148
Three traditions common   (Fundamental and constitutional) between Iranians and Indians.-151
Ancient Iranians with feather hat similar Indian America-151
Giving sign by fire and smoke-154.
Name of countries in America-155
Richard America-156
America has this name before westerners.-156
America or Markan a plain in Iran-157
Knights of Beitol Moghadas (Jerusalem) temple and Markan terridery-159
Markan or Amazon River-160
Peru is derived from Iranian “Porrud”-162
Brazil or black lam(barsil بره سیاه) country-165
Islam in Brazil based on British documents-171
The comments of the lecturer Dr. Ali El Kettani-172
Amazon is Persian name. “Amaآما ”means girl and “zonزن ” means woman (zan)-173
Dariyan (Darius I (Old Persian: Dārayava(h)uš; New Persian: داریوش یکم هخامنشی c. 550–486 BCE)  region-179
Guanahani (Akhavan Hani (Hani brothers اخوان هانی-)-۱۸۱
Guadalupe Island -182
Mexico or –Makhku or Mazku or Mahku-186
Guadalajara city in Mexico-190
Coatepec city in Mexico-191
There mosque in Tenochtitlan city in Mexico-192
This big idle was considered their national god-195
Natives from Peru in Islamic clath (1671 AD)-196
Betseda city with tall menarets (prayer tower) in Mexico-197
There is other reason than Islam in Mexico-198
A mosque with Iranian- Mexico and tile design-198
Is here Iran or America?-200
Iranian woman in Mexico and America, in Mexico City-201
Indian tribes of America and Canada-202
A man from Mazandaran went America before Columbus-207
Madineh city in America-208
Farsi and Arabic words in Indian language-210
Nomads (Ashayer) of Iran-211
Nomads in History-213
Handful of Indian tribes America that similarity to faces and rituals and tradition whit peoples of Iranian-278
An important evidence indicating presence of Iranians in America and Canada–278
Iroquois Indian tribe-281
Indian who say their Prayer-285
Niayeshgar (نیایشگر waterfall, An Iranian name from Iroquois tribe.-297
Cherokee tribe (Sharuki or Shahrokhi)-303
Huron TRIB -400
Delaware Tribe-315
Shawnee Indian tribe-325
Mahican or Mahikhan tribe-329
Micmac tribe-331
Malaseet tribe-336
Suk tribe–338
Mandan or Rey tribe-354
Seminole Indian tribe-367
Abraham of the Seminoles-373
Ottawa -390
Abenaki tribe-393
George Winter's painting of the Kewaunee council -431
Lake Maxinkuckee-434
Ben Ismail tribe (Ishmael)-441
Absaroka or Crow-443
Melungeon or Molajan tribe-456
The Makah tribe-458
Magical Images-461
Pueblo tribes or Iranian villagers in America-490
Hijab and Islamic clothing in natives of Central American countries-505
Iranian coins which are found in 1787 AD America-515
Persian handwriting in El Salvador in Central America-516
Teaching Naskh handwriting in Nevada in America-517
Iranian candlestick is America-520
Newport tower in Road Island or Iranian fire temple in America-520
Cuba or Kaaba-522
Fogo or fire land-527
Shush city in Barsil-528
Iranian names in America-529
Do Indians have invented sign language-529
Ancient Iran symbols in Native American civilizations-531
King gesture-531
Broken cross or Iranian crosses or Swastika-532
Elam Eagle-545
Eagle with two heads-551
Similar toys-562
Fertility goddess-563
Olmec heads-564
Toltec's Statue-568
Moon and Star sign-569
Seat with two heads-571
Parti heads-572
Pillars in Takkthe- Jaamshid in Mexico578
Similar spheres in Iran and America579
Similar Shapes-580
Parti Pillars-581 
Enzo or Lion- Dragon-583
Three parts cycle-585
Kukulkan in Shush-586
Dragon head with feather-586
Spotted- statue-587
Flying snake-588
Winged man with spear-588
Snake- killing warrior-589
Snake stick-590
Snake flower-591
Astronomy calendar-592
Strong evidence for Iranian origin of Incas-592
Persa (Persia) Bazar with Islamic Iranian images-594
Hat similar to animal-596
Genetic tree-597
Round necklace-599
Using armlet and tattoo on the body among Iranian and Indian heroes-601
Using wooden necklace in some Iranian and Indian tribes-603
Persa sheep or Farsi sheep or Bareh siah or Bersil-604
Similar animals-605
Corn, Iranian Plant-606
Angry Face (Zahak)-607
Straw boat-608
Symbol of hunting lion with dagger-610
Similar architecture in Sush in Iran and Maya-610
Nanu (A type of cradle)-617
Darkness god (devil)-619
Ghondagh (swaddle)-619
To mummify dead bodies-621
Bury methods-623
Burying in a big jar-624
Stone graves-627
Burial in small room-628
Army facilities-628
Myths and Legends-629
Mikhi(Cuneiform) handwriting in America-630
Evidence indicating Iranian origin of Inca people-631
Alloy with similar structure used in metal connections in Takthe Jamshid and Bolivia-632
Is there any sign of America in Iran from era before entrance of Europeans to America?-633
Inca people knew dinosaurs-634
Extinction of dinosaur by westerners-637
Explanation of some dinosaur by those who first went to America after its occupation by Westerners-640
Borj, pyramid or Zigurat-648
Subterranean in south waste lands of America-655
Panjeh or Khamseh sign-656
Similarity in building house, cottage, and tent-657
Carpet (Ghali and Gelim)-662
Chinese evidence indicating presence of Indian and Muslims in America-667
This document proved that Iranian and Muslims were present in America-668
An important document showed that Iranians were present in America-669
Iranians create sports such as Kungfo and Karate-671
Father Carlos crespy and documents of Iranian presence in America-674
Iranian tribes living in America-677
Arhuaco and Kuhgi or Kugi tribe-677
Kona tribe in Panama and Konarak harbor in Iran-688
Mapuche tribe-697
Natives of  Ester Island were completely similar to Iranian race-710
Inca tribe-711
From Sepahan to Spain-721
Iranian region of Abde-kas (Fatima) in Portugal-728
Shuttle and Kites of ancient Iran-730
Torah and making space shuttle by ancient Iranians-734
Kites were made by Iranians-735
Great exaction engine which is from Iran-739
Formula of Poly- Silicon (Semi- conductors) in ancient Iran-738
Chess in Inca tribe-755
Did Avicenna have access to Iranian ancient science treasure?-756
Were Inca peopling Zoroastrian and did they worship God-760
Inca people like Iranians celebrate two balance days-768
Strong evidence showing that Inca people are Iranian-769
Spoon hitting ceremony in the time of eclipse-771
Cusco city in Peru (An Iranian name, with Iranian architecture)-772
Note the similarity to city and citadels of Old Iranian and Cusco
The city of Derbent in ancient Iran-773
Pāpak Fort or Babak Castle-781
Rudkhan Castle-783
They have come from east, land of sun, king road in Iran and in Inca land-787
Similar governing system by ancient Iranians and Inca people-788
Tribes from Mexicoo who live like Iranian tribes-792
The Huichol or Wixáritari tribe-792
Raramory or Tarahumara tribe-796
Guajira tribe-801
Tribes in south of South America-805
Religion of these people is fire-811
How did ancient Iranians went to America and when? Maybe this question comes to the mind of reader that now, why and when Iranians went to America-817
Research in the history of new continents
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