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   * Campaign for erasing the lies from the history of Iran *

    * Campaign for the removal of lies from Iran's history *

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  Iran's invasion by the Moguls, the third biggest lie in history

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"campaign for erasing the lies from the history of Iran"

Alexander of Macedonia the biggest lie

The invasion of Alexander of Macedonia, the biggest lie in history

     Rulers have existed since the beginning of human civilization. The initial civilization meaning the urban living and the creation of social class and writing began, according to some accounts around 7 to 10 thousand years ago in Mesopotamia and Iran. Nobody knows for certain whether rulers or people came first, it is the old chicken and egg story. In any case, the rulers have used different tricks to make people obey them, such as strange sects and religions, superstitions and telling and writing lies (there is a mention of this in the famous inscription of Darius the Great).

     Many of such writings and inscriptions and stories are of these tricks which continue to the present day. One of the most important of them all is the invasion of Iran by Alexander the Great. The tellers of the story of Alexander of Macedonia who told his story 600 years after his death did not pay attention of the point that the main reasons in winning a war is the greater number of fighters, the supremacy of the arms used and the experience of the commanders in warfare together with a thorough knowledge of the enemy terrain and its economy. A young man from a sparsely populated land with a poor economy cannot easily rise to destroy a great Empire, confiscate the land of a brave people where in every household having a sword and arrow was a way of life, as if the enemy had come to a land of addicts and street dwellers. We see today how well equipped occupiers have run aground in their invasion, let alone in those days and……

     The movie 300 that was based on the invasion of Alexander was a reason for the people of the world to discover the lies that lye behind the victories of Alexander. A good opportunity has risen to erase these lies from our sweet history. Us Iranians need to tell the truth to the world, all the false inscriptions and wars of Alexander and not just this film. It is of great surprise, how is it that Iranian historians cannot recognize these lies, the lies of the military magnitude, the false distances, the fictitious wars, the fictitious towns and cities etc. Would the Iranian historian please study these lies with due patience and a new vision and rectify them in your speeches and writings?

   Where was Macedonia?

     Macedonia, in old Egyptian inscriptions "Mage donia" which in Arabic became to be pronounced "Magduniye" was important centre of Mithraism in northern Africa. Yaghut Hamudi, traveller, geographer and historian in his book "Majamal baladan" says "Macedonia is the name of Egypt in the Greek language". Ibn Al Faghih Ahmad Hamedani 4th Arabic century geographer and historian quoting Ibn Yasar says,-" Macedonia is Egyptian territory". Al Moghadasi 5th Islamic century geographer in "Hosn Al Taghasim", Ibn Al khardazbeh in Dalmask and Almamalek", Masoudi in the book of Moruj Alzahb and many others confirm that in those days Macedonia was Egyptian territory. With the exception of early Islamic historians and the knowledgeable, Ibn Maghta, Tabari and Dinvari have called Alexander in their writings Iranian.

      In order to understand the reasons behind the creation of the story of Alexander, its inventor's forgery, distortion, fabrication and theft that have occurred, one must pay attention to the special politics and the aims of the tyrannical religious emperors and governors ruling the eastern Roman Empire. Between the 8th and the 11th century, for three hundred consecutive years 13 Armenian men and 8 women, residents of the western part of the Halice river (today called Ghezel Irmagh) and the town of Ani (the town of the one thousand Churches) who were not from the Constantine family and had ambitions of power using the circumstances and sometimes with the help of the secret Jewish organization infiltrated Constantinople then the center of world power. These people, in order to safeguard their position, pretended to be Greek and Macedonian compiled and published the myth of Alexander with the aim of setting East and West in other words Mithraism and Christianity against each other and by doing this increase their credibility. They compiled a book about Alexander quoting his personal physician Collis Dens and extended Alexander's acquisitions as far as India and China. With the help of agents of the Abbasids they glorified Alexander in order to distance the mind of the newly risen societies from the greatness of the ancient Iranian's civilization, culture and power. The editing of the book was done in Greek which was at the time the language of the Church and became so successful that the era in which it was published became known as the era of the Greek culture. On the other hand the religion of Jesus Christ did not flourish in the Balkans until the 13th century and Mithraism dominated this region whose followers believed this religion to be a falsification and apostasy of their religion.   In the written and verbal battle between these two religions, it is worth a mention of the Shahname "The book of the Kings" that is recited in divine language.  Mazandaran in the times of Anushiravan Khorasani according to documents in the National Library was called Pazesh Khargar. India (Hend or End in Persian pronunciation) according to Tabari and Masoudi until the end of the 12th century was the name of Khoozestan. Seventeen places in Khoozestan such as Hendijan and Andimeshk and ….begin with this name, India used to be called Aryavarte and Baharat.

  Eskandar and Sekandar,

 In Iranian languages Alexandros is not Alexander which in its equivalent in Eastern languages. If one accepts that "Al" in Alexander is an article, by removing it one is left with Exander which has no resemblance to Alexanders or Alexander so one needs to search and find out the origin of Alexander and Alexanders. In the works of Albaghiye Biruni page 145 it is written,- the head of its dynasty ( the Parthians) is Ashk Ibn Ashkanwhich is the title of King Ufghufur is son to  Balash Ibn Shahpour Ibn Esiktar Ibn Siyavash Ibn Kaykavoos.  Biruni has named the Parthian kings as Ask Ibn Balash Ibn Sahpou Ibn Ashkan Ibn Ash Jabbar (page 147 Al Baghiyeh). Aslan Ghaffari the author of Sekandar and Dara believes that Ash Jabbar and Esiknar and such names are variations of Eskantar meaning "brave" which has changed to Eskandar.Ash Jabbar or Esiknar or according to Aslan Ghaffari's estimate Eskantar was the name of one of the Parthian's kings in 3rd century B.C  who captured territory in Vararoud i.e Transoxiania and The Greater Khorasan with Nayshabour, Herat and Marv and Northern Afghanistan and was abbreviated to Eskandar and this power circle of the Parthians became subject of misuse first by the writers of Alexander of Macedonia from the Eastern Roman Empire due to inexperience and stupidity and subsequently by the Westerners in their animosity against the Iranians.  Those Iranians that have Nowrooz and live in vast and ancient countries have different languages and accents but share the same culture with varying customs. Since far back, they have had to deal with enemies, beginning with Eastern Romans Imperialist culture to the present day.

      Going Sekandari, – In the Greater Iran to those heroes and champions who during training and sports put their hands on the ground and their feet in the air and walk on their hands, say that they are" going Sekandar".

      The enemies of Iran have lied as much as they can about the defeats of the Achaemenides and we have not even asked the very Achaemenides once about their destiny. There are 12000 stone inscriptions of Iran in the University of Ciracus in the United States and other places and we have not even a clue and don't ask for them. The Achaemenides have never said that Persepolis was a palace let alone Alexander managed to burn it down. On the stone inscription bearing the code XPD that lies in the eastern and western part of the balcony of what is famously known as the private palace of king Xerxes he says,- …at the request of Oromazes I erected this hadnish. And the word hadnish has been repeated several times in Persepolis. All is written so that the pilgrimage that visited the site would know its purpose.

      Strabo the famous Greek historian considers Herodotus the biggest liar and says that like magicians he plays fool with simple people's feelings.  F.N. Arski (Strabo the pioneer of the science of geography    Pooyesh Publication) says that Herodotus is a liar and only fools believe him. Fokidid says that Herodotus talks without thinking and cannot be believed.

  The false warships

      In order to cover up their defeats, the Greeks have magnified the Iranian navy in their stories; they have talked of 2000 warships and another 2000 support frigates and commercial ships. If we compare their number and capacity to the middle sized and large boats in the Persian Gulf today they outnumber them even today! And if we suppose that the maintenance of each takes 30 days a year and the useful life of each ship is on average 20 years and the time to make one 6 months, then at one particular time there needs to be 120 boats and ships under construction in the yards. Let us assume that the capacity of each yard is 6 ships at a time which means twice the capacity of the shipping yards in Glasgow at the height of the power of the British Empire in the 18th century, which means 6 yards and as the supply of wood was in itself a huge problem, a great logistical plan would have been needed to transport wood from the North like in the era of Nadershah when he only managed to build 3 ships using the wood from the forests of the North and they quickly became unusable or there had to be a supply of wood from India. Therefore there would have been a huge number of saws and axes and other equipments and roads etc but none exists in any museum in Iran or anywhere else. You decide for yourself without prejudice the root of the story and beware that the glory of the Iranian history is not in lies, it lies in love, bravery, solidarity and love for the motherland (homeland). Let us not allow the enemies change these good attributes with their lies.

  Takht – e – Jamshid and Sivand

     In the images depicted in Takh-e-Jamshid, no-one is angry, nobody is mounted on a horseback, and one sees no-one bowing, there is nobody with their head down or defeated, there is no tribe superior to another, and there is no image of violence.

      One of the things Iranians take pride in is the fact that slavery has never been common in Iran. Amongst hundreds of bodies carved on the stones of Persepolis, there is not even one nude. Let us tell the beloved Iranians what we were so that in remains in their memory. Over the past one hundred years Persepolis and its surroundings have been thoroughly searched and there have been findings by many different archeological groups and there has not been a false Persepolis found. The enemies have wanted to take revenge on the Iranians on paper: they have created this imaginary city to take revenge for the burning down of Athens and have been somewhat successful by taking advantage of the idiocy of some of our historians. Where there has not been a city, there has not been a capital for the Achaemenides either and because it was not a capital city therefore it did not have a fortress or an alley way for a king in order to have 3 layers of walls built around it. These lies have not been found. Which war where the Greeks the prisoners of in Takht-e-Jamshid? And how did Alexander gave them clothes in the midst of war? And many more such lies. Which idiot would believe all the lies about the taking and transport of spoils of war? The burning down of Takht-e-Jamshid by Alexander or whoever else is a big lie. The illiterate storytellers who wrote the story of the victory of the Macedonians centuries later did not have the least knowledge about Takht-e-Jamshid. They have written that the palace was built mainly out of cedar wood, this is not true. Takht-e-Jamshid was built on stone and from stone and the burning down is also false and scientifically provable to be false. Limestone is chemically Calcium carbonate CaCO3 and under one atmospheric pressure and 894 degrees Celsius by receiving 391 calories per gram is converted into 44% CO2 and 56% CaO. The CO2 gas escapes into the air which leaves the CaO. The latter is mixed with water which gives slaked lime or Ca (OH)2. This reaction liberated 280 Calories of heat. Some of the clothes, carpets and other objects found at Persepolis are not from that era and it is scientifically impossible for them to be so. Over the centuries nomads and shepherds have used that area and indeed have made fires and technically those objects belong to them. People looking for treasures have dug and looted much over the centuries, knowing the history can be a treasure for us, read and express your views!

      The idiots have written that Persepolis looted and burnt down the capital of the Parsees. Persepolis is their name invented centuries after Darius like many others they invented and today it is known as Takht-e-Jamshid, nobody knows what it was called in those days and it remains to be discovered by the scientific and historic societies. Takht-e-Jamshid did not have water to be a capital, the small Sivand river flows 10 to 12 kilometers away and in those days 2500 years ago people had the intelligence not to build a dam and control the flow because the water of the river would spread over a vast plain and in the hot and dry season the evaporation rate would be high and the remaining water would become salty hence unsuitable either for drinking or for agriculture therefore only damaging the environment. In the past all capital cities were built around major rivers. Takht-e-Jamshid was a place of worship whose construction was not completed. In those days Iranian people were like God King Worshippers.  It was like many other places of worship but on a larger and more glamorous scale and was never completed looted or burnt down. The intellectual evolution of humans made way for the appearance of the first religions. Their intellectuals created the Parthian. This evolution continues to date with various ups and downs and will continue until the end of humanity.

      Today the important issues as far as intellectual growth is concerned are for us to think about everything and question it's validity whether it is true or not, what and how is the reality? Is every glamorous rubbish the foreigners and enemies of Iran have written true?

      When I write to the schools abut their books about the fabrication of Alexander they reply that they know nothing about an alternative text! Do they doubt these lies and really give up? Do they want no one to think about the truth about Alexander? Do they want to take away the ability to think about the fabrication of history and Alexander?

      In the Gospel there is no mention of Takht-e-Jamshid, however this book gives a lot of information about other buildings and sites of the Iranian empire and major cities such as Hamadan and Shush. There is no mention of it in any document of the Babylonians, Assyrians, and Phoenicians. Catusias who lived 24 years in the Iranian court does not mention it even once. This was the most sacred place in Iran, with an exclusiveness that would protect an exclusive and invisible religion away from the contamination of the outsiders. The enemies of Iran like very much telling that Takht-e-Jamshid was completely built and prosperous.

     Revealing the fabricated and stupid wars

      The idiots who have written against Iran and worse those who believe them have written that Alexander attacked Iran with 30000 troops and 40000 mounted soldiers via the strait of Ellis Pont, today known as Dardanelle, crossed a deep and fast river with high granite walls and fought Darius the 3rd in Asia Minor. The granite river that is today called Bighachay is a small and shallow river that has no walls. The liars are shameless, as long as there are gullible people who believe them they may continue with their lies. Moreover, the banks of this river have no place for the battle of around 150,000 men. Go and see for yourself if you do not believe this. The liar writers wanted to diminish the importance of Shush the two thousand year capital of Elam which was also the capital of the Achaemenides for 200 years and to have people believe that a partially completed shrine of Takht-e-Jamshid was the capital of Iran, then falsely have it burnt down by Alexander. Five or six centuries later when they wrote their lies, the old religion of the Achaemenides no longer existed and Takht-e-Jamshid was a deserted place. They had no idea of the distances between places and whatever they have written with respect to this is pure rubbish. It is easy to realize that it is all lies; they say 600 thousand troops of Darius crossed the bridges over the Euphrates River in 5 days, think a little! The 600 thousand is a lie, 5 days is a lie and the bridges are all lies. Everything the have made up is a lie.

   The travel of Alexander from Takht-e-Jamshid to Damghan

They have written that their Alexander went from Takht-e-Jamshid to Hamadan. We analyze this lie too. In order to go from Takht-e-Jamshid to Hamadan one needs to pass through Isphahan. There is absolutely no mention of this city with its brave inhabitants in any Eskandarname i.e. document relating to Alexander. They could not have gone to Hamadan without passing through Isphahan, whoever claims otherwise is really stupid. From Isphahan to Najafabad there is a 30 kilometer length of gardens and herb plantations. This in itself is a good barrier against the attack and advance of the enemy, therefore the illiterate writers were indeed much worse than one thinks in order to destroy these gardens in cold blood, on paper. There is no mention of other cities in Isphahan either such as Golpayegan, Burujerd, Malayer. There are only made up names that have no resemblance to the names of Iranian towns and cities. There is a 480 km distance from Isphahan to Lorestan to Hamadan, the road passes through harsh mountainous terrain, almost 200 km of which has a height of 2000 meters, one of the highest roads in the world and in winter is covered with ice and snow. The road from Lorestan to Hamadan is also a mountainous road and is one of the most difficult in the world and thanks to the bravery of its people no invader has been able to cross that region in history not even the local one. It is said that the bigger a lie the easier it is believed and this is exactly the case here, they tell and the idiots believe them!

      From Takht-e-Jamshid to Isphahan through to Hamadan then Rey and Damghan it is 1600 Kms see the magnitude of the lie? Or perhaps they covered this distance in fast Japanese electric trains!  Abu Reyhan Biruni in Asar al baghiye has written that Darius the 3rd was killed near Erbil by the commander of his troops. At that time he knew nothing of the fabricated Alexander, the reality is the Parthian.

    The fabricated Alexander of Macedonia on his way to Gorgan

      If the Alexander historians wrote grandiose lies and confabulation it was their style and knew nothing about inside Iran, however, those internal and external enemies, idiots and traitors who continue the lies in speeches and writings, what could their motive be? They take Alexander from Dameghan to Gorgan with many erroneous and fabricated names of places, strange events, peoples and tribes that never existed, distances that have no bearing with the reality, please place a map in front of yourself and have a look and you will see how we have been cheated purely out of animosity and complex.

    Another lie on paper

       Alexander historians have created Darband of Pars on paper and have had it conquered by Alexander in order to take revenge of the defeat of the Greeks by the Iranians in Thermopylae strait, otherwise there is no strait between Shush and Takht-e-Jamshid. Over the past one hundred years Iranian including, myself and English archeologists who have searched the area for treasures and archeological evidence have found no strait. There are books written about such excavations. Many distinguished researches have written Persians or Farsiha but I would write this word more generally, I would say Iranian or Iranians because this is the name of a vast geographical region and peoples who all have the ancient Nowrooz and have all throughout history have defended Iran and continue to do so. The enemies who do not know Iran have created false heroes and the idiots are proud of them for nothing. They created a false shepherd in the harsh winter of Lorestan and never explained how those two armies survived the freezing temperatures and at the same time they created tropical forests in that region and much such nonsense. They were enemies of Iran but why do these so called Iranian historians repeat such nonsense?

      Imagine historical wars as they happened in those times and not how Hollywood wants you to see them!

   Illiterate and stupid enemies

      1700 and 1800 years ago, the Alexander historians were far too illiterate to write their fabricated stories more believable and more stupid are the enemies of Iran who take these nonsense for history. Patala which in Persian is the "bottom of the hill" is near the strait of Boan, in their stories they refer to a river estuary in order to fabricate a document about Alexander's journey to India. Tanais River is a river between Asia and Europe which today is called the Den. In their fabrication they have said it to be in Northern Afghanistan and placed it instead of Balkh and taken Alexander to Indian, they have also written that Alexander's troops travelled from Balkh to Sogdiana and spent harsh times in the desert without water or pastor in order to depict their bravery. This also is a fabrication. The city of Balkh lies near a large river called Balkhab and there is plenty of life in a radius of 350 Km around it and not a waterless desert, you can easily see for yourself on a map. Their Oxus River is not the Amu Darya, they have written so much nonsense because they did not knew their geography and the stupid enemies of Iran believe them and maliciously repeat them all the time.

      Bacchus is the Greek version of Bagh which is also called Bak, Bag, Bi and By. It is the prefix of Izad Mehr (Yazata Mehr), Bagh Mehr. Mithraism spread during the Parthian times to Rome and Greece. During Alexander's time it was not known but 500 years later Alexander historians knew about it because they were the enemies of Iran and Iranian religion like today. The Caspian gate is not the Sar Darre Khar as they claim; Dar Band Khazar is a town between Baku and Ma Khaj Ghale. They have lied in order to justify their stories. Arabius River which they claim Alexander and his men crossed in India is today's Shat Al Arab River and whatever Indian they wrote is Khuzestan. Oritiens the land of the people of Avar is a city called Magjar in Iraq and not India. Arabite is the home to the Arabs in Sothern Iraq and not the estuary of Send River in Pakistan. Dustkami which in this fabricated story is mistakenly called Dustkani is the decanter of the followers of Mithras's which is still used in mourning to serve water or sorbet and it was not known during Alexander era but 500 later during the Parthian was known. Atropat, Azarpad is a vocabulary belonging to the Sassanid's and not Achaemenides because they were not Zoroaster's. Atropat or Azarpad was the keeper of fire. Today pad is known as bod as in sepahbod or arteshbod (sepah is corps and artesh is army in Persian, translator's note). This is also evidence that the documents pertaining to Alexander were written centuries later. Azerbaijan is not the destroyed Atropatan. Azarbaijan or Azarbijan is made up of three parts: Azar meaning Fire, Bai meaning God and Jan meaning place, together the place of God Fire. They write: the troops of Alexander on their return journey to and from Sogdiana were engaged with a brave people called Momasenha. Momsen means grand. They are from the western part of the Fars province in Iran, what has it got to do with Balkh and Northern Afghanistan. They have written that Alexander got near the city of Nysa near the Send River and locate Nysa as being between Hamadan and Bistoon. Nesa was the first capital of the Parthian near Ashkhabad of Turkmenistan and Mithraism spread from there which hence became to be known as the religion of Nesa or Nesara. Nabarzan, Nabarz meaning undefeatable is a postfix of Mehr which is also used in Kurdish. Mithraism was spread to Rome during the Parthian and became the common religion. The Romans used the Iranian vocabulary of Nabarz as a postfix of Mehr (Mithra). In many of hundreds of Mithraism's shrines left over from the Roman Empire, wall inscriptions also testify against this fabricated story and the fact that it was written centuries later. The idiots who invented Alexander even defeated the Paganisms, Kusiyan or the Caspians whose rule had ended 800 years previously because they wanted Alexander to have defeated everyone! How illiterate those who today consider this history. The city of 100 gates is not Dameghan, where on Earth was its water in order to have 100 gates? Different groups of archeologists searched that areas for years and not even found a city of one gate! They talked all that grandiose nonsense in order to raise the importance of their fairy hero, do you get me?

      The evidence against continues! The lying storytellers who were illiterate and knew nothing about geography created Alexander in order to inflate the importance of an insignificant and indigent people of Greece. The Alexander historians who were a bunch of illiterate liars who didn't know geography created the myth of Alexander with all those mistakes, not knowing that 2000 years later Anush Ravid would reveal the untruth. They defeated and toppled by their Alexander all the countries and peoples who they had heard of in those days, they told much hype and lies which is easily recognizable and whoever that doesn't understand it is a real fool. They created hundreds of false names none of which has Iranian or Indian root and it is all too obvious.

Anoush Raavid / IRAN


Hellenism the big lie of the colonizers and the West

      Imperialists and colonizers influence all social and cultural as well as other aspects such as internal and external policy making of the underdeveloped and colonized countries which they dominate. This influence takes several forms and shapes, open and hidden as well as true and false. The influence takes shape in form of interfering in social, administrative and historic events of the dominated countries. They invent schools, philosophies, religions and much such nonsense in order to show themselves to be superior and us to be inferior, we must passionately defend our history and take it away from enemies paws.

      Since the beginning of 19th century colonizers who had taken over almost the whole world with massacres, lies and force were looking for their genealogical tree and the making of their superior race. For a couple of centuries before that they tried hard to make Rome as a symbol of culture and government and science and present a base for their antecedent but in Italy and Roman history there were not many useful evidence except for a few ruins that were not of much use for proving their race as superior, so they invented the lie that is known as Hellenism and made it big and important.

      Underneath the mosques of Istanbul, the capital of the Ottomans, which were previously the Churches of the Eastern Roman Empire, they found papers that were not worth much during the Ottomans rule and there were not those who could read them well. They took these papers to London and Berlin and Paris and translated them and attached a whole lot of lies and stories to them and presented them as history and old events. These bits of papers were in their time written lies that were used in the Eastern Roman Empire to justify the Church and Synagogues and the making of a fabricated country in Anatolia and the Western part of Greater Iran and the Middle East.

      Dear friend do not be so simple as to be fooled by these lies, please search for the real truth. Let us not allow the fabricated Hellenism be used to attack the world especially the Greater Iran. Why did they not invent the Parthianism? Have you asked yourself yet, where and how did the first documents of the fabricated Herodotus come from? Anush Ravid will no longer allow such lies be sold to the nations and it is hoped that you help with important task.

      Hellenism was first used by a German historian in 1836 and thereafter it was used to distinguish a historic, political, cultural and artistic period in Greece marked by the appearance of governments in the fabricated Greek Empire's regions after the death of the fabricated Alexander the Great. The historians of the colonizers placed this period between 330 and 27 B.C. Why they did not extend this period to after the birth of Christ merits further thinking and questioning. The geographical regions Hellenism is supposed to have covered were north to south Russia, India and southern Egypt, Northern Africa and the Mediterranean coast. They considered the city of Taksila in Pakistan as belonging to the Hellenic era's works. They stupidly claim that after the conquest of the East by Alexander of Macedonia, there appeared a fusion of thoughts, religions and arts from East and West which changed the Greek architecture. Those stupid writers in order to attack the cultural richness of the Greater Iran write that; events, complexities and surprising advance of the Hellenic culture resulted in an architectural method with a huge and varied scale which was far superior to what a classic town and country could do at the time which needed a special advancement. Those idiots do not realize that this statement is in itself an obvious confession that Hellenism is a lie.

      At the time of the invention of Hellenism we see the influence of the colonizers over the Ghajar dynasty which is clear to everyone; of course one can extend this interference to before and after the Ghajar period because essential and radical changes to Iran's social history had not been brought about to counter their interference. However, after two Imperial wars and the inability of the old colonizers to rule the world and their acquisition of new methodology which we call neo colonization, possibilities have risen for the nations to bring about useful and practical strategy to counter this influence.

      In the fabrication of Hellenism much nonsense has been written, for example they say that "the art of Hellenism has influenced the art of the Parthian era a great deal and undoubtedly it is true but we cannot say anything about it because we have nothing tangible from them". Elsewhere they say "there is a great deal of original Iranian art in Hellenism and there is little Greek art in Hellenism which in any case is very transitory and superficial". Hertsfeld one of the agents of the colonizers is a famous researcher into Hellenism who has done a great deal of research in to the art of the Parthian era and he believes that the art of this period is a combination of Iranian and Greek paintings however it can be confirmed that the Iranian art has remained untouched in its original form in this period. One can see that all the stupid enemies of Iran believe that Hellenism is nonsense.

Throughout history colonizers have fabricated history in order to accomplish their objectives, they paint a pretty picture of democracy in the countries under their influence, create such institutions as parliaments, governments council, an independent judiciary and even political and military opposition etc in order to  fooled the people. For example in this age of internet and satellite TV they create virtual caricaturist political movements in order to mislead mass movements and create an atmosphere of division and animosity between the peoples of the Greater Iran and they do this by fabricating history and lies. One of the games played by the same satellite agents is the lie that Arabs, Turks and the Kurds have been historically hostile to each other.   Anush Ravid always asks the dear readers to be vigilant, for example, Iraq and Southern Persian Gulf region is a natural political and historic extension of the Greater Iran and all their affairs both in the past and present has to do with the Greater Iran. If one takes an opposing view saying that in the past they have been hostile and historically estranged, I believe it to be unrealistic, unprincipled and politically motivated and in a way fooled by the enemy's and colonizer's tricks. This is in no way a reason to send troops to or attack these areas politically but one must encourage the finding of historic realities and social history.

Anoush Raavid / IRAN

The Arabs did not invade  Persia


      In order for this article to make sense please read carefully all the articles in this weblog, see the world differently and upside down, have patience and reflect and above all follow up and memorize, although I know that erasing the lies of the enemies who have told enough lies in 500 years  to last 5000 years is difficult.

       There are those who take an emotional view and consider the Arabs to be the killers of the Iranians and vice versa, however history will not end with our knowledge and information and will not necessarily continue to be so, therefore, let us search the truth in a realistic way. Stupid Saddam thought Gadesiyyeh to be true and hence ruined the nation of western part of Greater Iran i.e. Iraq.

      Today, with the thought that the Arabs came and killed and ransacked and destroyed, anger has been brewed in the hearts from which Imperialists and Zionists benefit.

      I do not know why the historians have not been able to remove these lies, propose new investigation and guide the society in a new way, perhaps they are so entangled in these lies.

      I shall write only briefly about this lie of history so that there is time for study, reflection and enquiry for the dear countrymen and women; nevertheless I shall continue this article in greater detail in the future.

    The second biggest lie in history

      The liars, in order to justify and reason say; "today the genetics specialists have proven the theory that the cradle of all the nations of Semitic races is the Arabian peninsula which once upon a time was fairly habitable but gradually became arid and for this reason the Semitic tribes were forced to migrate north in search of water and pasture….". This lie is very similar to the lie of the migration of the Aryans from the north to Iran which I have explained elsewhere in my weblog, they now say something similar about the Arabs from the south, however, the geography and history of Arabia has been as it is since the beginning of human existence, the same lie applies to the cold and arid lands of the north in case of the Aryans.

      The liars are truly stupid, they say; " centuries passed by this way and the Arabs became poorer and more numerous, day after day and were forced to break down the barriers of Iran and Egypt in search of better lives….." These stupid liars think they lived in the times of Bourgeoisie and colonization, life in the times of sacral kingship was quite fair, all the peoples and tribes had more or less the same rate of birth and death.

      The imperialist liars continue their lies; "one of the promises of Islam for the Arabs was that if they won, Iran, Iraq and Syria would be theirs…."In continuation and in order to justify themselves they write; " the Arab Muslims who were suffering poverty, hoped to be victorious and become prosperous and if they were killed would go to heaven…." and they continue; " for this reason the war of the Arabs against the Iranians had an economic side to it and all the tribes moved on and no one was left in Arabia….." With such writings they have reduced the Arabs to poor shanty dwellers; in those days each tribe had its own territory and was self sufficient in its own land and wealth did not have the meaning it did during the bourgeoisie era and the second wave. Moreover, they have reduced the Muslims at the beginning of their creation to bandits.

      It is very strange that no historian has mentioned such important points at the peak of Islam as being true or false.

      If the bandits unite and ransack, after the first attack they would fight against each other over the stolen goods and the old historic rivalry and vengeance amongst the tribes and the Arabs would resurface. Such people would not have the ability to continue this path and fight again and generally speaking, the planning, organization and ideas would dwindle. If the strategy is for looting then warfare tactics would for the first possession. It is obvious that those who talk as such i.e. looting at the beginning of Islam, are imposing their interpretation of events and are surely from the bourgeoisie and the colonization era. In real history books they brag and lie without suggesting anything.

      They refer to historic texts which no one has seen in any museum or library and claim that "Iran was very unstable, disease was rife, and the economic situation was dire, corruption….." I shall refrain from repeating the nonsense because they are told over and over again in all the so called documents. You see that such writings can only be the mentality of 19 and 20th century London or Paris. Have you ever thought how life must have been 15 centuries ago? How was life four or five centuries go under the first wave or Capitalism or indeed in Europe or Asia? Have you ever thought about the lies they have told about people's lives in the past?

      The battle of Hireh "….he had nothing but an old fence for defending hence he had to give up….) but the reality and the geography suggests otherwise.

      The battle of Elis "….he ordered the beheading of the Iranian hostages for a few days until a stream of blood began flowing, Khaled the commander of Islam did not want to betray his oath…..", with one lie hit three targets; portray the Iranians as cowards and finished with, the Muslims as blood thirsty and finally for their imperialist objectives place Iranians and Arabs against each other. Although no victorious army does as such with his enemy in the first battles, otherwise the enemy becomes so hardened as to avoid capture.

       The battle of Amghelishiya "………". This battle is belittled down to a peasant because they had no more lies to tell.

      The battle of conquest of Abnar ," Khaled ordered that the soldiers of the enemy who were all covered in iron except for their eyes to be made blind by arrows….." as if they were fighting a herd of sheep! This lie is so stupid that only liars would believe it.

     The war of Al Jasr or Gheis Al Natef , "………" after several ridiculous wars which after studying and analysing tactically and scientifically with the wars of those days it becomes obvious that they are fabrications, the liars are forced to invent another ridiculous war, again tactically wrong, in order to make the Iranians victorious so that their lies are not so spoilt.

      The battle of Bubat ,"….. in this day one hundred Arab fighters each killed one hundred Iranians….", would someone ask these liars, if the Arab fighters wanted each to sacrifice sheep, how many would they manage in a day?

   One must really be stupid in order to accept such rubbish as history.

      The conquest of Ablah and the battle of Zangir (…..they had chained together the feet of the Iranian soldiers so that they could not escape…), what do they want to say with this lie? Where had the chains been manufactured and what were were the locks like? And is it possible at all?

      The liars quoting the king say; Yazdegerd told the representatives of the Arabs: " you used to eat lizards and mice because of severe poverty…." this kind of language is the one used by bourgeoisie and colonization in the past 500 years, in the past everyone was elf sufficient in their natural conditions and for no one poverty had the meaning it has today.

      Some might argue that some of what has been said is lies and others true or other supernatural factors may have played a part. If we accept that some parts are lies then whoever has told some lies could be a big liar, hence we must throw everything away and start anew.

       Ignacio Olague the Spanish historian and investigator has a book titled "The Arabs did not invade Spain", it is an excellent work based on logic, and much irrefutable evidence which proves beyond doubt that the invasion of Spain by the Arabs is all lies. These wars and massacres are baseless stories which have been invented by the Church and the colonizers by their dependant historians in order to save their face.  His book was published in 1985 by Shabaviz publications under a title that in itself is a cover up "Seven centuries of Islamic civilization's ups and downs in Spain".

Anoush Raavid / IRAN

The fabricated story of Gadesiyyeh

The enemies also want to count Gadesiyyeh as a place of defeat for the Iranians and hit several targets with the same arrow; first of all say that Iranians are several different nations and very weak and vulnerable and secondly claim that they easy turn against each other, are treasonous and beatable etc and thirdly say that Islam entered Iran not through culture but by force, wars and blood and many such claims. About Gadesiyyeh it is said that "Rustam came forward…..and resided between Hira and Silhein for four months without taking any action against the Muslims…..Moshrekan (the Iranians) numbered around one hundred and twenty thousand and had thirty big elephants and flags…..the Muslims numbered between nine to ten thousand…." (Blazi- Futuh Al Baladan). Therefore the Iranian army was much better equipped than that of the Arabs and it also outnumbered them. Considering the possibilities of the time, the weapons could not have been but swords, spears and bows and arrows. Two armies that fight against each other with such weapons must stand close to each other, one cannot fight from a distance using swords and spears. The only available weapon which could be used from a distance remains as the bow and arrow. The best archer with the best bow and arrow of the time could have thrown the arrow no longer a distance than 40 or 50 meters and if the enemy's body is to be pierced this distance needs to be reduced. Before this war they prepare the ground and say that the situation of religion and morality in Iran was weak at the time and the Sassanid were also weak.  I refrain from repeating such lies as they are easily accessible to anyone. 

      One example of such lies; Abu Rajah Farsi quoting his father who in turn quoted his father as saying "I took part in the battle of Gadesiyyeh and at the time I was a fire worshipper. As the Arabs threw arrows at us we would say arrows! arrows! Those arrows would continue to land on us and we were finished off. Sometimes one of the men would throw an arrow from his bow and it would land on someone's clothes and do nothing but sometimes one of their arrows would pierce the heavy double layered shield of our men (Blazi- Futuh Al Baladan). In this story the unreal account of events is evident; one should not take such nonsense as history, think and analyse then investigate. How is it possible for an army of ten thousand men or an unreal figure like that destroy an army of one hundred and twenty thousand? Let us assume that the ten thousand men or a similar number of the nomads mentioned or in any case ten thousand Arab fighters line up on a straight horizontal line and each man occupies half a meter on ground, this line would have a length of between 5 to10, 000 meters. The Iranian army on the other hand with 120,000 men whichever way they line up against the enemy, would be impossible to beat using arrows and bows knowing the effective distance for an arrow. Even if the Iranian army arrange themselves in 10 lines of 12,000 men with a distance of one meter between two rows, the distance created would make it impossible for the Arab army to be victorious. Whatever other line up would have the same consequence. It is simply impossible for the Arabs to have resisted for long against Rustam's men. If we suppose that after a period of throwing arrows the two sides eventually enter a fight against each other man against man, the only possible weapons would be swords, clubs, axes or spears and the battle is inevitably man against man, who could imagine that each Arab beating 12 better equipped Iranians?! Please think a little, you can and you must throw away the enemy's lies.

Armies and Wars throughout history

      According to research done by fake scientists, one of the reasons for the victory of the Arabs over the Iranians was their lightweight and rapid speed of action. This justification is radically wrong. Even if we accept this hypothesis, an Arab runner must overcome 12 men of the Iranian army who are standing against him, considering the human abilities even if this Arab runner were a champion runner he would be exhausted before reaching the last line. What has left over as history cannot be but an amalgam of stories full of bragging and a justification of divine destiny in the mind of its editor. One should doubt the truth in such stories and try and decipher the real history from such tales by scientific and analytical investigations, something that has not yet attracted anyone's attention. Anush Raavid invites you to be vigilant and review history and social history and uncover the lies of the enemies.

        The liars say that Rustam Farahzad was not interested in fighting! Why? Why did Rustam camped against the Arabs for three months and refused to fight? Camping for three to four months in the desert necessitates being in constant touch with the capital. An army of 120,000 men must be constantly provided for, food, water and psychologically. Therefore a sane mind tells us that the sooner the war starts the better and Rustam can't not have known this. However, the stories tell us that he hesitates to start the war and has no hope for victory, why? Lies, lies and more lies. The reason for such act does not become apparent to us unless we doubt the figures and the tales told.   In the stories of this war and for Ctesiphon like in the fabrication of Alexander of Macedonia where they called Persia a treasure in order to glorify their lies, they fabricated lies too.

       The lies they have written about the war: on the first day the Arab horses escaped from the elephants that were keeping them leash. It appeared that the victory was to be of the Iranians but later when a group of archers attacked the elephants, the mounted men from the Arab army escaped danger and set back the Iranians. They write simply and for simple people who lived prior to the 21st century, not knowing that the people of this century analyses events and do not simply accept whatever they are told. On the second day the auxiliary army of Syria entered the scene. A man to man battle pursued between the heroes of the two armies. On the third day again the elephants entered the battle but the head of the auxiliary forces that had come from Damascus blinded the eye of a huge white elephant with spear. Another man did the same with a second elephant. Eventually the elephants returned causing mayhem in the Iranian army. The moral of the Arab army was raised when more forces arrived from Syria and overnight they had better moral than the Iranians. Dear friends, the stage designing of the battle is very simplistic and comical and was written for the people of the past centuries. There is no real explanation and description of events and it is all too clear that reality lays elsewhere. Two commanders of the Muslim army separately attacked the Iranians at night and the battle continued throughout the night. They call this night "Lile Al Harir" because as they have written there were sounds like howling of foxes and dogs filling the air from the injured. On the fourth day, i.e. on the last day of war the Arab army rattled the heart of the Iranian army. At this point a strong wind began to blow and threw a lot of sand over the head and eyes of the Iranians but the Arabs whose backs were to the direction of the wind escaped untouched. Rustam Farahzad was standing next to Derafsh Kaviani and was leading the Iranian army. In this mayhem one of the Arabs threw Rustam's baggage over him and injured the commander. He threw himself into a small stream in order to save himself but an Arab went after him in the water and killed him. This event frightened the Iranian men so much that they threw themselves into the water by the thousands and were drowned. The victory achieved by the Arabs in this battle severely dented the morale in the Iranians. The lying storytellers, in order to finish their tale seek assistance in the wind. The writer is not aware that at that time of the month there were no winds and there is no wind due to the position of the moon so they appeal to the hidden hand and tell their lies in whatever way they can in order to finish the result their way. They want to conclude that Islam was forced onto the Iranians who were weak and cowards and the Arabs are blood thirsty enemies of the Iranians.

      If we assume that Iran had internal problems and was in a chaotic situation and that the Sassanid court did not take the Arabs seriously, it seems improbable that in a situation like this a gathering of a 120,000 man army by Rustam would have been deemed necessary. In any case there would have been no need to fight rebellious Arabs with such a force. It is all too clear that the Iranians never used to take the Arabs seriously but it has been written that Yazegerd insisted that Rustam went into war and Rustam's biggest worry was the chaotic situation of the Madain and that the Arabs were of little concern of Rustams.

      This story cannot be true because prior to the lie of Gadesiyyeh the Iranians according to the same lying historians lost a hundred thousand men on another fictitious war?!(the battle of Buyeb).

      The continuation of the lies that the liars have copied from one another: after Khosrow Parviz the Sassanid court becomes gripped with mayhem and the kings do no last long. In the cities rivalry worsens the chaos to a point where there is war between the army of Rustam and that of the Firuzan. In the meantime the Arabs have invaded the border areas of Savad (today's Iraq) and taken the people to the capital Madain also known as Ctesiphon. In Ctesiphon no one takes the Arabs seriously. The Sassanid capital does not even have a king. The elders warn Rustam, "the Persians tell Rustam and the Firuzan who were the chief of the people of Fars said: what are you doing? Your differences have weakened the Persians and the enemy has its eye on them. Your respect is not so that the Persians accept the status quo for long, you are destroying the Persians, after Bagdad, Sabat and Tekrit it will be Madain's turn, unite yourself before the enemy…..( quoted from the book Tabari History, before I have written about the lies of this book)

      In their lies they have written; the Sassanid government was rotten, corrupt, all the Iranians were against each other, Madain was close to the Arabs, and the king was no good, and hundreds of such stupid reasons for their lies without the slightest of reasoning or analysis and without presenting single evidence, whereas at the time the socio-cultural evolution of the Greater Iranian society was taking its natural course. We should analyse events scientifically and with the possibilities that the 21st century provides us.

       If we accept the rottenness of the society as some believe it to be true, then the quote from Tabari must be a lie because a rotten and corrupt society cannot be corrected rapidly and solely by the coming to power of one person. In this quote from Tabari, there is a very important point and that is" the tribal head were competing against each other in obeying and assisting him", this shows that rivalry that existed to the point of animosity before has continued and now shows itself to be close to the "young king". In these circumstances, gathering of 120,000 men does not look likely and if it were it would be difficult to keep them in a desert for four months and after all neither Rustam nor other commanders took the Arabs that seriously.

      If we add up the number of the fallen, according to Tabari or others, from the invasion of the Arabs until the complete conquest of Iran, I am certain that we would come to an astronomical figure which considering the smallness of the population at the time seems unrealistic. Before the battle of Gadesiyyeh there were other skirmishes one of which was called the battle of Buyeb between the army of Mehran the Iranian commander and Masni Ibn Harse, the Arab commander. "Those who have seen it estimate that there were the skeletons of one hundred thousand men" (the lying Tabari). In these histories, figures given are in my opinion none right; they simply quote from written or oral history that they receive without editing any.

      The same exaggerated figures are given about Heraclius and the Roman army in the" Syrian war" and every few months Heraclius would loose one, two or three hundred thousand men in the fight against the Arabs. In many cases astronomic figures are seen, figures such as "one thousand, thousand, thousand" (a billion) or larger figures which are all exaggerated especially when we consider that these stories are narrated by the Arabs and they could not count larger than a thousand especially in multiples of 10 or 100, amongst them there were few who could read and write. In which day and month did the lie of Gadesiyyeh take place and how was the weather at the time?

      There is much to be said and more are the limitations, decide for yourself like an intelligent person and do not believe whatever you read or hear, analyse thoughtfully and scientifically not like Saddam Hussein who took Gadesiyyeh seriously and was destroyed.

Due to the sensitivity of Gadesiyyeh in history, much can be written but I shall tell you one and you deduct the rest for yourself.

      In order to gather one thousand men in Saudi Arabia and Jordan, the Lawrence of Arabia had a hard time and it was deemed impossible because all the Arab tribes had animosity against each other and all they knew was to kill each other for no reason. For their unity there was no hidden hand involved and it was not due to their awareness either, it happened only by the agents of the British at the beginning of the 20th century, by creating an atmosphere and mentality that was necessary for colonization.

Anoush Raavid / IRAN

Genghiz Khan (the Mogul)

The attack of Genghiz Khan on Iran, the third biggest lie in history.

      With the appearance of Islam and the disappearance of social classes, the migration of people from villages to cities and larger villages increased enormously. This phenomenon means that one to two centuries after Islam we see the appearance of more and larger cities in the Middle East. In Bagdad there was a high turn over of Caliphas and new rulers were being appointed and these new rulers and the new inhabitants of the newly formed cities not having the mental background to analyze such changes would fight against each other most of the times. In Bagdad the rulers were not unhappy about the situation as they did not mind catching a few fish out of the muddy waters. The fall in the population of the villages and the increase of the population of the cities created new necessity such a farmers and shepherds for food production and breeding horses and other flock. We therefore see that in the first few centuries after Islam kings from many different tribes such as Ghuzz and Tartar and even Comoros and Bulgars etc were brought in and settled in the villages. Many ancient Iranian and Persian areas were surrounded by the newly created non Iranian villages and tribes. Considering the Islamic equality, these new rulers could naturally, within one or two centuries, with the natural social evolution and normal rhythm of life, become influential in the establishment, especially when their youth population were being used in wars, those who themselves would become powerful leaders in their mid life. They even managed to lead some regimen. As these rulers and their people on entering Iran were not literate and not familiar with the days knowledge they were dependent on Iranians and the Farsi speaking ministers about which there is a large volume of evidence. Knowledge, information and literacy were of the Farsi speaking people who mostly lived in the cities and this is why there is no non Farsi or non Arabic text or book up until the Safavid period. In the meanwhile, Iranian thinkers begin to create new sects for the intellectual and social salvation of Iran and the Iranians. These Iranian intellectuals were completely aware and masterly of their task but because of the extent of the country and important events in the past few centuries did not have complete agreement or military and personal power so had to resort to tricks by the influence they had in order to eliminate these new rulers one by one. They encountered one major problem and that was the fatwa of the Caliphas so they had to get rid of the influence of Bagdad in order not to have problems with public opinion, and they had to achieve this by the very people who came to this land for begging, work and at times ransack, but how? In those days there were no Shias and Sunnis as there were in the Ottoman and safavid times in order to fight each other or the bombings in today’s Iraq and Pakistan so a new instrument was required in order to get rid of the Caliphas of Bagdad. A tribe was needed who was the least literate, the most ignorant and drunkard and coward and moreover extremely superstitious, these adjectives are written in books about the moguls; hence the attack of moguls was created and developed. In the period of Khwrezm-Shahs the Farsi speaking Iranian intellectuals use to travel much in order to find what they wanted which they found, what was not true and is not mentioned in any historic text prior to that is the Genghis or Temuchin the son of Yasoo Kay Bahador the head of the Ghiyat tribe from the black tartar family, tartar was a name given to all yellow skinned people by the Iranians. As this blog is not about history itself but a new look at history in order to identify and remove lies from the history of Iran, repeating what has been said in numerous books is avoided, in various Genghis epistles there is mention of the destruction of Balkh and the massacre of its people whereas in fact Balkh was destroyed a hundred years before Genghis by an earthquake and the remaining population had moved to Mazar Sharif. There are references to other cities which to this date no one knows where some of them are because it is lies, one million squared kilometers of central Asia has one hundred cities and not just a few. Mohammad Kharazmi told the Shah: the army of Genghis is a drop and the army of Khwrezm Shah is a sea, so why in the court of Khwrezm Shah where there were men of wars no one said anything? They talk of one or two hundred thousand defending the cities and those attacking numbering many hundreds of thousands, as if they were counting hordes of sheep. these figures may be interesting to idiots but they are simply not true…….The enemies of Iran kill two birds with one stone, for one they portray Iranians as cowards and secondly as simple and gullible for believing such nonsense. In other places they have said that the defenders and the Iranians were cheated and this continued for a few days until they were destroyed. What fool would believe such lies. In another place it is written that Sultan Mohammad in times of anarchy escaped 700 kilometers West through Guilan and Mazandaran which is very difficult to traverse and has travelled back 700  km east, it is exactly the same lie those idiots have said about Alexander. They have written such ridiculous military strategies that have nothing to do with that times military thinking, in those times there were wars between Iranian Shahs and Iranian Khans but none of them used such ridiculous tactics. Who were behind the writing of mysterious letters and what did they contain? Why is there not a single mogul or Chinese sword, armor or military gear in the museums of Iran? Why is there not a sign of war in any of the deserts or indeed any sign of the presence of Moguls in Iran? Why, in the tomb of Sultan Mohammad Khodabandeh said to be Mogul is there not a single Mogul or Turkish vocabulary? Why the Ismaili intellectuals like everyone else did joined the Moguls and why is it said that they killed the rest of the Ismailis? They say of Genghis the drunkard criminal that he was so meticulous in justice that no one dared touch a fallen whip in the barracks unless its owner. There are so many contradictory tales; it is true what they say about liars, that they have a short memory. In other place they say that Genghis was a complete superstitious desert dweller, in which case, such a person at the time could not have been great. Of all the jewelry that they took from China, was is there not a single one in any museum in Iran? More importantly, the gathering of a few hundred thousand men and moving them in 5000 kilometers of hostile terrain towards Iran is totally impossible. How gullible they took the readers of these stories. And of course, in order to justify such nonsense they have told even more incredible lies such as that Yasa was important. Well if it were important why is it not available? If you read what is left over from Yasa you will realize the amount of rubbish and superstition it contains which is above any. If in a small and poor nation like Mongolia where all the superstitious and drunkard tribes were at war with each other at that time, a few thousand men left for Iran then who defended this enemy prone land? They have even written that many mogul princess and rulers die of alcohol abuse. Every page of the documents relating to Genghis is riddled with lies and nonsense. The last Shahs regime in Iran could not use independent academics in the state and education system because of its ties to the enemies so in order to keep the level of the Iranians high personality down repeated the senseless lies of history. They say that Tormaz was the first city run over and destroyed to ground by the Moguls and how an elderly woman in order not to be killed shouted that she had swallowed a pearl but the ruthless Moguls tore apart her stomach and drew out the pearl and then Genghis ordered all the cadavers be torn open to see if there were pearls inside them. There is no such account in the history of this city. The liars say that skilled workers were separated from the rest of the millions who were detained and the rest killed in order to fill the trenches, they though us to be gullible as to take this for true history. What they intended to say with this was of course that the Iranians were idiots. They say that the secret of success of Genghis was the good communication between different parts of his extensive empire and having a single intelligence centre, those who cannot analyze this statement with regards to the times and condition and the means of that era please leave this blog now. How much have they boasted about the moguls horses and their riders but in other places have written that they were so drunk that they would fall from their horses, as if their Iranian rivals who were Muslims and by nature good fighters did not drink alcohol had not seen horses before. They say that the Moguls had good geographical and road a map so why is there not a single one available? They say that some of the fighters believed that Genghis is fighting the Crusaders and those us why they were in its army!!! They have said that the Genghis army was first defeated in Bagdad by a twenty thousand man army, so what happened to the few thousand man army that was undefeatable? They say that in Iraq they massacred all the Sunni towns and took over the administration of all the Shia towns, now this is the crunch of the matter to which I shall return later. Where are the remains of the castle Lake Urmiyeh? Why were accessible places? The answer is that those who wrote such lies took the lake by mistake. The enemies have tried on paper, as much as they could, to patronize the Iranians and gather as much booty from them as possible, so where is one piece of them and in which museum? Look at these statistics; Neyshabur had a population of a million and eight hundred thousand and Herat a million and six hundred thousand and the same goes for the rest of the cities, who would believe such nonsense. As the saying goes the bigger a lie the more easily it is believed by the fools. Twenty to thirty years ago I made so many correction notes in the border of all my books on Genghis and the Moguls that there were no white spaces left. In any case the enemies of Iran have taken advantage of opportunities and sold many such lies to the world but in the 21st century and with the help of internet we should get rid of these likes. The most interesting part of the story is that the very same Moguls who conquered Iran and China were totally run over in a small place like Jerusalem. there is no valuable Iranian or Chinese book on the invasion of the moguls. How is it possible that a huge army is mobilized and advances 5 to 10,000 kilometers and not a single credible book exist on the subject except such nonsense? All western liars themselves confess that there is no real sign of Genghis having been for real. Even the best books in the world on the general history of the middle ages have not written anything on the mogul’s invasion. The book most used by those fabricating the invasion of the moguls is the one written by Marco Polo i.e. "The Description of the world". Marco Polo was a venetian storyteller who never travelled beyond Constantinople, today’s Istanbul, who never travelled east. Every one knows in the West that Marco Polo was a big liar, when he was in the prison of Venice he read the fabricated tales about the conquest of Iran and India by Alexander of Macedonia and was inspired by the stories and together with someone like himself called Rostichillo, turned Moguls into another Alexander Of Macedonia, even more important, and of course the enemies have used this as history. In the 13th century, apart from central and western Europe, the rest of the world was under the rule of the Muslims and Europe was in a bad socio economic shape and there was much hostility against the Easter people because of the success of the Muslims. As they could not defeat the Muslims in the east and north Africa, they did so in stories by the Moguls. For example they created Kublai who is not mentioned in any Iranian or Chinese or European text as the great emperor Kublai Khan, as they created many Mogul rulers in this way. It is surprising that in the 13th and 14th century when the Muslims have most of the world, the European religious propagandists especially the French write long biographies of the illiterate Genghis and sell it as history. In the times of Louis the 14th one of the writers of the court called Petty Du La Croix writes as is politically correct and necessary for the time. In the Vatican archives there is not even a single letter from the 12th, 13th or the 14th century written in Mongolian language but there are many written in Persian. In the past two hundred years a few researchers have started exploring around small parts of this topic because there is no live evidence. Most researchers cannot accept lies as history unless they lack knowledge. However there are those such as Harold Lamb one of the least important personalities invent historic tales and lies such as the stories of: Hannibal, Charlemagne, Justinian, and Tamerlane. The funniest thing is that the oldest history book about the Moguls was written in the colonial period by an American Morjad Weston who was from a fanatical capitalist family and received many important positions for his services. The four volume book on the history of Moguls, from Genghis to Tamerlane is today known as the best book on the subject. Other likeminded people who have written on the subject are, the Austrian orientalist Baron Josefan Hammer wrote the "Iranian Jalayrids" from 1841 to 1843, the German Frontermann Ardeman “the Unbeatable Genghis", Sir Henry Harrods a thick 4 volume books called the History of the Moguls.

      The Russians who in the 19th century has occupied parts of Transoxiana and the Greater Khorasan, tried to use the attack and the massacres by the Moguls in order to weaken the Muslims, therefore Berthold in 1900 wrote about the rise and fall of the desert empires an Vladimir Tesoff solved the difficult and sensitive socio economic and expansionist problems of the moguls, something they had no justification for up until now. Genghis biography and the social life of the moguls were a great help to the western liars for wanting to dominate a group of illiterate and atheist to the advanced Muslims. The German Eric Hainish in 1948 published a simple fairytale about the moguls which has no reference to a date at all. Berthold Eschpoler wrote the Golden Camp and the Moguls and the French Verne Grosse wrote the Empire of the Steppes. Many such writers claim that they have original handwritten manuscripts as evidence but whey has no one else seen them?  Two main sources used by these writers is the " The History of Jahangosha Juwayni" by Ata Malak Juwayni and " The Complete History" by Rashid Al Din Fazl Allah and the main story is from these two books which are full of treason, nonsense and contradictory tales. Amongst thousands of books on the History of Iran only two have little information on the Moguls which themselves have taken from theses sources, one is by Ruze Al Safa and  History and the other Habib Al Seir. Muslim historians who have written on the subject of Moguls never mention the Grey Wolf. Abol Ghazi Khan and Rashid Al Din who claim to have seen many documents on Genghis and express opinions on the origin of the Moguls only mention "Burette Chine" which in Mongolian language means the Grey Wolf as a renounced personality. According to these historians " Alan Ghoa" became pregnant by a human being that descended from the sky as a light and Genghis Khan was born. Wolf, amongst the moguls is a symbol of rage, it is said in history that when Genghis heard the news of the massacre of his people by the men of  Kharazmshah he became angry, climbed a mountain and howled liked a wolf and hence its people realized that they had to prepare for war. There is no ancient castle or fortress or indeed an ancient barrack where such a huge army may have trained and prepared for war. Those who repeat such nonsense should be ashamed, you should have more insight.

Anoush Raavid / IRAN

The ancient continent

      The ancient continent is a vast historic land with a civilized and historic people who lived together happily for centuries and who have been the pioneers of science and humanities. Parts of this land include the Greater Saudi Arabia, Kurdistan, Turkistan each of which has kind people and a glorious history. Today, the ancient land includes Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kirghizstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Cypress, Northern Caucasus, Ostia, Abkhazia, Astrakhan, Chechnya, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Sinai, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, The Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, Sin Kiang which means a population of 700 million and an area of 14m squared km. This continent has moderate and polite people who are familiar with the art of living, who are keen on science and knowledge with a sense and a feel for family and humanity. The ancient continent can be a name given to describe their life essence. Remembering the ancient continent name can portray solidarity and their oneness which in today’s continuation of the Imperialist attack meaning the new Imperialism can be a reason for organizing common military and cultural defense which can also remind us of the long stolen true history and culture by the historic lies.

      Historic enemies of this ancient continent deny the past history and culture of this land and falsely claim that democracy, architecture, chemistry, mathematics, geometry,  astrology, communications, literature etc were born in Europe. The enemies of the ancient land have not confined themselves to such sciences but also have claimed to be the pioneers of human arts such as sculpture, theatre, musical composition and tens of others and with big lies such Hellenism have spread these in the world as their own, and the gullible fall for such lies. Thousands of scientists, philosophers and poets who throughout centuries have served humanity cannot be known as citizens of a particular country according to today’s country borders, an example of such great figures are Molavi, Birooni, Poorsina, Eghbal Lahoori, Khaje Abdollah Ansari, Bidel, Kharazmi, Marvarzi, Makhdoom Gholi, Naser Khosro, Rudaki, Nezami Ganjavi and tens of others which by itself is a sign of unity of the peoples of the ancient land. For a whole century the sportspersons of the ancient land are stuck in the Asian Games. It is not only the sports of the ancient land that suffers this fate;  Other organizations of the ancient land have been drowned by the Imperialists plans in the continent and have no voice. Local sports and games which are a sign of the closeness of these peoples of the ancient land have not made their way into the Olympic games due to the Imperialist influence. Where have words and expressions such as the Middle East, The Asia Minor, and The Far East come from?   Why such vocabulary did not exist prior to Colonialism. In no geography book prior to the Bourgeoisie and Imperial period   such words are seen. In fact there are political reasons for their creation which I shall begin to analyze and I would ask the interested parties to do likewise. Imperialists in order to achieve their objectives and distance the peoples from each other created new geographic vocabularies and in continuation invented historic lies and started to draw borders. In 90% of this border making the British Empire played the main role. By creating political borders and creating countries they separated large parts of land whose peoples lived by a common culture and civilization throughout history and who shared the same customs and colorful traditions. With ferocious Imperialist wickedness they subdivided each tribe and people into several divisions and placed them in a particular country in order to turn them against each other with fabricated historic lies. For example they placed the Tajikistanis in Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Iran, the Kurds in Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria and the Arabs in small countries with different tribes, the Baluchis in Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan and so they placed all the peoples of the ancient continent into different man made countries. The superiority of the Bourgeois civilization to that of the tribal organization at the beginning of the colonial era and the military superiority of the Imperialist system to the newly formed feudal regimes of the ancient continent were the key to the success of this division and the creation of the new countries.

Today, new Imperialism with the subvert support of Asian countries such as China and Japan have decided to break up the existing countries of the ancient continent into smaller ones in order to maximize their profit.                        

      The peoples of the ancient continent who have lived in this geographical part have been united socially and economically which is evident by their common festivities such as Nowrooz. Therefore the countries of this ancient continent should form social, political, economic and military unions in order to confront the European and the American invasions. They should be highly efficient in self management and should use scientific federalism. Lack of knowledge and efficient management in federal organizations results in Imperialists influence and infiltration in smaller societies. It is necessary for the intellectuals and the various publications to write about the ancient continent in various languages. A lack of clear and true knowledge about the ancient continent will be very costly for its peoples in the future.

      The westerners have had a plan drawn up for the past 200 hundred years and are executing that plan step by step although sometimes events such as the two world wars delayed their implementation for a few years nevertheless it has not stopped them completely. These are plans for forming and running the world affairs, what is obvious is that in those plans there is no high place for the peoples of the ancient continent. It is up to the peoples of this land to try and by precise analysis of the situation catch the Imperialists out and peacefully impose a bright future for the planet.

      One of the plans is the economic unions of East and South East Asia which we observe in various socio-economic forms. Japan wanted to have sole control of these unions prior to the Second World War but was oppressed. Over the past two hundred years the peoples of the ancient continent have been ignorant of events and they still are, in fact the same planners have fooled these people with their historic lies and have been stealing their natural resources and so far what has left is a barren land without any production or knowhow.

      From a different perspective, the analysis of the creation of an ancient continent is a scientific task, considering that science is neither good nor bad it simply is a weight, so it can be analyzed and discussed by the intellectuals without any prejudice or emotions involved. One should bear in mind that the world today is a different place to what it was 30 or 40 years ago when people could be fooled by superstitions and magic and taken for a ride, hence kept away from scientific reasoning. Today’s world is one of communication and the scientific knowledge of the world is added to by the moment and the new generation by making good use of this technology will go its way but it would be better also to have a plan. Anoosh Ravid looks forward to hearing from the people from the “new wave”.

     As we see at the beginning of the 21st century the future of the peoples of the ancient continent has taken on a special importance, military invasions, the socio political pressures from the east and the west of this continent have placed it in a bad state because the enemies of this continent consider its population as worthless consumers, troublemakers and terrorists.  The realistic and insightful guys know that a failure to address these issues will be horrific for the future of the continent so for a bright future one must not raise the head and look to the sky which is what the enemy wants but one must have plans with clear strategy and tactics aspired by up to date science and technology. Otherwise, there will be more lies in the history of the nations and there will be even more nations who are enemies and the wars and bloodshed and the looting of the strangers will increase tremendously.

The ancient continent was made up of peoples who lived happily together; they shared common customs and traditions such as the New Year celebrations Nowrooz. I would say to the young generation of this continent that enough is enough, one must leave aside simplicity, and you should try and read the hand of the enemy of these nations and create an antidote. Note that the enemy makes use of the best technology and means available today, they were successful in the past coming over with sailing ships and it used to take them several months to get here let alone today. However we can be victorious with precise nationalistic tactics. One must move with time, each social theoretician must consider the facts that a society that is not progressive is doomed to failure and abuse. The historic lies and realities must be taken into account. Today with the invent of the internet the historic eras have become shorter and shorter, fifty thousand years ago it used to take ten thousand years for a knot to be learnt to be tied or an animal domesticated but now the most complicated matters only take man a few moments to solve. The intellectuals and the thinkers of the ancient continent should know well the historic process in the 21st century and this is only possible away from the historic lies of the enemies. Following Anoosh Ravid´s blogs can be a help in knowing the process. Do you have anything to say about the ancient continent?

   The Ancient Continent and the Emergence of Civilization

      Civilizations and first governments in the world appeared in the ancient continent, in the Egyptian Nile, Mesopotamia, Transoxiana, the Indus Valley (Sind) and two or three other places in China and India. Soon after Nile became under the influence of Mesopotamia and Iran became the centre of the three governments and civilizations, namely Mesopotamia, Transoxiana and Sind. The civilizations of Western India and China lagged behind and took longer to have official governments. Therefore Iran became the cradle of world civilization and counted with the first and the most powerful governments.   This important issue was a geographical gift to the Iranians and hence we have dangerous enemies. Today these enemies are contaminating t Elam, the Medes and the Archimedeans.  It is therefore our responsibility to wipe clean the history of the first human civilization from lies of the enemies which calls for a unity of all the nations and countries of the greater Iran. If we fail and the lies continue, there will be much trouble in the future. In the world where the enemies want us obliterated, one should not take lies as history, there is a force and determination within us left by our glorious history that we must take seriously. We should detach our future and destiny from the enemies´ lies. If a colonial historian has “helped” us discover a part of our history it has been for their own benefit and not ours.   These historians have taken advantage of the simplicity and the good heartedness of the Iranians in the last few centuries and have written the pages to their advantage and benefit. Our ancestors knew well that greatness and glory were never handed over to anyone freely; one should know the enemy and fight him.  This task would not be possible without self sacrifice, solidarity and respect for one another, let us be united and disciplined in the removal of lies in our history.  With special Iranian politeness everyone can contribute to the removal of lies from the history of the greater Iran. This can be a virtual and scientific history-geographical   movement where every Iranian can participate and contribute according to his or her ways and knowledge and enter the battle field of history with new science.

      In the past our enemies have written and told lies about our history, they have fabricated our history. A few centuries later the colonial powers amplified these lies and by tricks such as implementing them into the school curriculum they have managed to impose them on our children as history. In other places, the gullible have used the lies to patronize the Iranians. Let us begin by uncovering the lies with Iranian self esteem and courage and discover our true history in a great national movement. In the last two hundred years the pawns of Colonialists, the Imperialists and the Zionists have been very active in fabricating the histories of the nations and the frontiers so we should be careful in recognizing them.  By carefully reading this blog you can discover their tactics, express your views, ask questions and join us.

    The ancient continent, the secret of history and a new foundation in history

    The countries an the lands of the ancient continent from the first eastern step,-

  1   The province of Sian Kiang Chin, this made up name was to erase the identity of this ancient land. In history the northern part with its centre in Uremchi was called Turkestan and the southern part with its centre in Yarkand used to be called Kashghar. This historic land has an area of 1.80000 sq km and a population of 80.000 million who historically were the Turks, the Ighur and the Tajiks with a 10% Chinese immigrant population in the last 50 years. From the second half of the 20th century this ancient land has been given over to eastern Asia.

  2   The Republic of Kazakhstan with an area of 2717300 sq km and a population of 22m, its largest city and ex capital called Alma-Ata with a population of 2m. The population made up of Turks and Kazaks and Muslims from a no longer existing ancient country of Bulgar plus other Muslims from the ancient land who form 80% of the population. Currency, – Toman. 

  3   The republic of Kirghizia, area 198500 sq km, population 5m Kirghiz, Uzbek, Turks and Muslims, 10% are Russians, currency Ruble.

  4   Kashmir, area 240000 sq km, population 20m Muslims

  5   Islamic Republic of Pakistan the most inhabited country of the ancient continent, area 804 sq km, population 180m Muslims, the whole population has ancestry in the ancient continent.

  6  The Republic of Tajikistan area 143000 sq km, population 7m, 90% have ancestral roots in the country and are Muslims, 70% are Tajiks, 20% are Uzbeks and Tatar, 10% Russian who were migrated there out of animosity between 1925 and 1975. Currency is Samani which comes from a historic dynasty called Samanids.

  7   Republic of Afghanistan, area 647500 sq km, according to unofficial figures has a population between 30 and 40 m, 100% of the population have roots in their land and are Muslims. Currency; Afghani

  8   Republic of Uzbekistan, area 437000 sq km, population 25m, 95% of whom have ancestral roots in their land, 5% Russian.

  9   Turkmenistan, area 488000 sq km, population 5m, 95% Muslims with their roots in the ancient continent, 5% Russians who were migrated there for conquest between 1925 and 1975.

  10   Iran 1648000 sq km, population 75m of which around 5m live outside the country and play important roles in their country of residence. 100% of the Iranians have roots in the ancient continent.

  11  The Sultanate of Oman, area 212000 sq km, population 3m.

  12   Republic of Yemen, area 528000sq km, population 18m all of whom are Arab Muslims with roots in the ancient continent.

  13 – The Sultanate of Saudi Arabia, area 2240000 sq km with a population of 25m, 100% Muslims with roots in the ancient continent.

  14 The United Arab Emirates, 84000 sq km, and a population of 3m

  15 – The Sultanate of Qatar area 11400 sq km, population 1m

  16  Bahrain 691 sq km, half a million population.

  17  Republic of Azerbaijan, area 86600 sq km, population 8m 95% are Muslims and have roots in the ancient continent.

  18 The land of Northern Caucasus, area 400000 sq km population 40m, 90% have roots in the ancient continent

  19  Republic of Chechnya

  20 Republic of Ostia

  21   Republic of Georgia, without Abkhazia and Ostia, area 50sq km and population of 5m.

  22  Republic of Abkhazia

  23  Republic of Iraq, area 438000sq km, population 25 to 30m, all with roots in the ancient continent

  24  Republic of Turkey, area 780000sq km, population 65m, 100% with roots in the ancient continent

  25  Republic of Syria, area 185000 sq km, population of 18m with deep roots in history.

  26 The constitutional sultanate of Jordan, area 88570 sq km, population 5m

  27   Republic of Lebanon, area 10400 sq km, population 4m

  28  The Arab Palestinian land

  29  The state of Israel, area 27000 sq km, population 7m

  30  Siena Peninsula   

  31  Republic of Cypress area 9251 sq km, population 1m

  32  Kareemeh Peninsula

  33  Kuwait

    Important Historic Points

      In order to reach the objectives of a new Iran in an ancient continent we need to have complex economic and socio political plans whose prerequisite is having roots in history and which need to be drawn up after research in a democratic environment with keeping the principles of scientific federalism.

      Therefore, first one needs to know about history and social evolution for which the blog “Campaign for the removal of lies from Iran’s history” can be a good reference. One should also bear in mind the geographic capabilities, the glorious history and the intelligence of the people of this ancient continent. We should advance our thoughts and have a broader view than we had in the past and defeat the Imperialists plans with new thoughts. As it appears under the present circumstances we can have no hope in useful futuristic plans from governmental and semi governmental academic institutions, in fact the historic enemies of this ancient continent do not want the great and colourful people of this continent who share the same culture be united.

      Let me mention another point. From the 15th and 16th century Europe began a move towards Capitalism or in other words Initial Bourgeoisie and the European ministers and merchants were becoming active in the ancient continent. The people of the ancient continent were extremely attached to their past history and were not prepared to leave behind their tribalism and create a new civilization. This tribalism was indeed very useful in its days and the Arsacids by removing the sacral kingship had started it all. This thought of seeking stagnation in a civilization or attachment to the past and present social era propelled Europe into the future which saw its rival and obstacle in a backward phase.  Therefore in a single leap colonialism was born which was itself a danger to the old continent.

In the 21st century one must see events with the knowledge of the 21st century and not that of the previous centuries in the hope that it may compensate for the lost historic steps and hence perhaps prevent a total destruction of the ancient continent by being pressed between Europe and the Far East. Failure to address this important issue will have dire consequences in this century.

* Campaign for erasing the lies from the history of Iran *

Personal profile

A collection of personal opinions and articles on history and social history by Anush Raavid, blacksmith and history investigator.

In Anush Raavid's weblogs you read new theory on the fate of the Greater Iran which is the fruit of experience in the field of scientific history and social history, a combination of using new technology together with the knowledge and science the of 21st century. In order to create and nourish values, plan for the future, it is important to know the truth about history and social history of Iran away from lies of the enemies and the idiots.

In order to promote and continue the movement for eradicating lies from the history of Iran, I have paid attention to an effective and sustainable strategy such as a combination of tangible and intangible arguments with particular specialities. Moreover, alternative credentials and advantages, acquisition of abilities and capacities paves the way for obtaining practical objectives.

In this era, the enemies of beloved Iran, in geographic competition and with their advantages, try replacing bigger lies with the present lies but we have  vast potentials and contained energies which because of the present situation and lack of mental organization in the new wave and generation have not been used. For the younger generation, giving priority to technology in all strategic analysis and the recognition of the limitations of today's classic model in history and social history is of special importance. I have therefore, taken into account all the above points in my weblogs as far as I can which I hope it to be useful.

Iran's invasion by the Arabs, the second biggest lie in history

Iran's invasion by the Moguls, the third biggest lie in history.

  Translated from Farsi by Farzin Malaki; 

Revelando las mentiras de la historia

En la historia y en la historia social hay muchas mentiras, mentiras que han influenciado el destino de la humanidad y desviado la planificación y el futuro, mentiras como las siguientes:

La invasión a Irán por Alejandro de Macedonia, la mentira más grande de la historia;

La invasión a Irán por los Árabes nómadas, la segunda mentira más grande de la historia;

La invasión a Irán por Chengiz el mogol, la tercera mentira más grande de la historia;

Mentiras significativas como la guerra de Gadesiyyeh y la batalla de Chaldran;

Mentiras sobre las culturas, como el helenismo…

Análisis e investigación de todas las mentiras de la historia en el blog:

Movimiento para erradicar las mentiras de la historia de Irán.

Únase a este movimiento y vea el mundo desde una perspectiva distinta.

Anoush Raavid / IRAN 

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